Meet the Pups!

We are less than two weeks away from our big move! Through the course of this blog, our dogs will be featured often. Dogs are my first passion(my career before the farm was dog-related) and I was lucky enough to marry someone who loves them just as much as I do! So here is an introduction of our furry children, Maverick and Indy.

Maverick is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois, he was my first dog as an adult. He is very needy, very affectionate with his people, and loves to bite and play tug more than he loves food. He is a lot of work, but he’s just awesome (and crazy). We’re really hopeful that he will help us herd cattle in the coming months! He tries to herd Jake on a dirt bike, so fingers crossed.

Indy is a not quite three year old Lab/Great Pyrenees mix (thank you Claire for the DNA test!). She is sassy, independent, and a HUGE daddy’s girl. She loves Jake more than she loves anything else in the world. Indy has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Both pups love puzzle games, all of the food, playing frisbee, and swimming. They don’t know yet how lucky they are with this impending move, but they will be very happy dogs once we get to the farm! DSC_0458 (3)DSC_0465 (2)DSC_0473 (3)DSC_0475 (3)DSC_0483DSC_0488 (3)

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