We Made It!

Well! We’ve been in Tennessee for a week now! Sorry for the delay but we just got internet hooked up today!

We had a very exciting start to our journey last Friday! Our convoy was as follows: Jake in the moving truck (with a car trailer and our jeep behind him), me in the corolla (with dogs), my Mom in our van, and Jake’s dad in his FJ (with our mower on a trailer…..it’s a big mower). We make it about 12 minutes from home, still in St. Louis, when copious amounts of smoke start flowing from behind Jake and the truck. So the whole caravan calmly pulls off the highway to investigate….one of the wheel bearings on the car carrier had failed, so Jake was dragging a trailer tire. Luckily there was an off ramp within a few hundred yards but the John Force smoke show was impressive to say the least. The peeling rubber accumulated on the deck of the trailer. By the time we stopped, this molten pile of spent rubber had super heated without the airflow from the moving trailer. BINGO BANGO BONGO! we got fire…(with the ol Jeep still on it). We are all very awake at this point, despite the fact that it was only 4:30am. So Jake puts the incipient fire out with his jacket (of course) and a good chunk of Festus mud still clinging to the jeep from last weekends wheeling. Everyone’s fine, we got the jeep off the trailer, no big deal. I spend an obscene amount of time on the phone with roadside assistance, to find that if we want a replacement trailer, it will delay us at least several hours. We decided to just leave the jeep in St. Louis and continue on our merry way.

Luckily, the rest of the trip was uneventful and everyone made it, safe and sound! Our new home is more than we could have ever hoped for. We are so incredibly fortunate to be where we are. The rest of moving in went pretty seamlessly, although Jim and Jake did most of the heavy lifting so they may have a different story to tell…

We’ve had deer in the yard the first three mornings, and on the fourth, we had a coyote pass through. They won’t be so welcome in the coming months but from a couple who has been living in suburban St. Louis, it’s good change. The dogs absolutely love it here. Heck, we do too!

We are now mostly settled. Our pictures are hung, the kitchen is in good working order, and we have internet! A few more finishing touches and I’ll post new pics of the house. For now we’re working on where to buy fencing, how much fencing we need, and the best way for two people to fence 40+ acres in an efficient way (and not want to kill each other on a daily basis). On a personal note, we’re looking at chicken breeds (maybe ducks too) and I’m dreaming of baby goats! Outdoor projects will include a compost pile, fruit and veggie gardens, and whatever gardening time allows. I have a feeling the foreseeable future is going to be filled with fencing, fencing, and more fencing.

Here are a few more pictures than I think I’ll usually post at one time but here’s a look at what our last couple of weeks looked like! The pictures of the farm are from our walk yesterday and no, those are not our cows! It is VERY muddy right now but that should help as we start our fencing.

For now, enjoy the pictures and we will keep you posted!

DSC_0288DSC_0290DSC_0280 (4)DSC_0297 (4)DSC_0302 (4)DSC_0306 (4)DSC_0307 (3)DSC_0322 (4)DSC_0447DSC_0348DSC_0349DSC_0350DSC_0351DSC_0363 (4)DSC_0364 (3)DSC_0366DSC_0365DSC_0371DSC_0420DSC_0421DSC_0373DSC_0419DSC_0431DSC_0384DSC_0387DSC_0389DSC_0410DSC_0411DSC_0412DSC_0413DSC_0414DSC_0416DSC_0418DSC_0429DSC_0425DSC_0430DSC_0432

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