It’s a Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet World!

It seems we arrived in Knoxville just in time for some serious flooding! Not only flooding, but apparently some of the worst flooding this area has seen in a very long time. Fortunately our house is on a hill so we don’t have any damage, just a plethora of mud and water.

The silver lining of all this water is that it gives us a great idea of where we can and cannot have permanent cattle fence. We’ve been looking at flood maps for awhile but this definitely paints a clear picture for us.

I’m glad we already had wellington rain boots, we’re sure going to need them. Right about now though we do wish we had some rain barrels set up!


DSC_0541 (4)DSC_0625 (2)DSC_0568 (4)DSC_0573 (4)DSC_0575 (3)DSC_0586 (3)DSC_0589 (3)DSC_0591 (3)DSC_0592 (2)DSC_0593 (3)DSC_0594 (3)DSC_0603 (3)DSC_0608 (2)DSC_0610 (2)DSC_0612 (3)DSC_0614 (2)DSC_0616 (2)DSC_0619 (2)DSC_0620 (2)

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