More Progress

Week 4 has arrived here on the farm! I will say that it feels like we’ve been here months rather than weeks…

We been busy! As I said before, we have plants coming at the beginning of April so we are on a pretty short time table to do quite a lot of things. We have made a substantial amount of progress though! Last week was all about finding supplies to build our hop trellis. We need approximately sixty 22 foot poles made of either cedar or oak. No small task, it turns out. After many a phone call, we have located cedar poles that will fit our needs! Hopefully those will be delivered next week. We also found all the cable, twine, and hardware needed. We’re feeling pretty great about that side of things.

Jake has been spending lots of time at the barn. He’s been fixing a Polaris ranger for us to use here, and a small tractor. Both are now up and running! Yesterday, it was finally dry enough, he spread the pile of gravel that’s been sitting out front.

We finally had sunshine the last three days, which was absolutely wonderful. I’ve never seen so much rain! Don and Kelsey came to visit this past weekend and, luckily, we had one really gorgeous day while they were here. Thank you, Don, for your help with the tractor! We also checked out two local Knoxville breweries, Balter Beerworks and Crafty Bastard Brewery, with them!

Below are pictures of Jake opening a bottle of wine for me, as we apparently lost our corkscrew at some point….. and his first foray into using the tractor. We got our laundry installed and Indy was so taken with the washer box that we kept in the house for a while…. she’s just a little spoiled. DSC_0626DSC_0628DSC_0629DSC_0630DSC_0631DSC_0632DSC_0538DSC_0536DSC_0633DSC_0637DSC_0651DSC_0652

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