Cooking with Gas

Whew, what a week!

This week we got our first shipment of hop yard supplies from a company in New York and then we made a trip to Nashville to pick up our cable and the remaining necessary hardware. All we need now are the poles! Our poles are set to be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. So by the end of next week we will have all of the supplies for the trellis, and will hopefully begin trellis construction!

The weather has been kind to us this week! Mostly sunny and in the 70’s. On Wednesday we were able to mark out the dimensions of the hop yard and the spacing of the rows. Next week, weather permitting, we will be tilling said rows. After tilling will auger holes for the poles. So fingers crossed for cooperative weather!

We gave Jake his first haircut here this week as well. I think this was the quickest cut we’ve ever done, which I am all for!

Some things that are at the top of our list are: getting a well figured out for our irrigation, trimming some trees next to the hop yard that will block sunlight, and talking with our local county extension agent to help decipher our soil test…

We have two wells, one on either side of the yard. The issues are the plausibility of running pipe from either well to the field, and whether or not either well has the capacity required to irrigate. The plan is to have that figured out next week, and to have started working on getting a trench dug from the well to the yard.

Apparently having large trees removed is a HUGE expense so we’re currently re-evaluating what trees we can remove/trim ourselves and what we need help with. Jake may not be a professional tree climber, but some climbing skills must carry over I’m sure….

Lastly, we got our first soil test back but knowing what exactly to do with the results is a little daunting. We also need to have at least one more test done. Boron and copper (among other micronutrients) are vital to hop growth/production and aren’t represented on a basic soil test. Nitrogen, a huge factor, is also a separate test. There is still much more to learn there. Luckily UT is here in Knoxville and has excellent resources for us.

All in all it has been a very busy and successful week on the farm. We’re starting to feel less overwhelmed and much more prepared for the weeks ahead! DSC_0654

Big trees in the back need to be removed to allow for more sunlight and more growth^^ Sorry our flags don’t show up real well. Soon enough there will be 18 foot poles hanging out where the flags are, then it will be clear.


Indy is ready for some tilling!


coconut husk coir- 20ft “strings” that run from the high wire to the ground. The plant vine will grow up these “strings.”


48″ galvanized ground anchors- self explanatory but they will get twisted 48″ into the ground.


W clips- hold the coir in the ground using an applicator tool soon to made by Jake


Haven grip puller and extension hook- grabs the cable to pull it tight



Eye bolts to anchor the cable to the end poles


2500 feet of 5/16 1×7 galvanized guy strand wire.  36″ cable/bolt cutters, good for 5/8″


My new, free, haircut.




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