Tall Steps

A tall hurdle here at the farm has been overcome! As of tonight, at about 7:34, we have 48 poles in the ground!!!

They’re not packed and set yet, but they are in their appropriate holes. A significant accomplishment, if we do say so ourselves (pats self on back enthusiastically). A huge shout out to my multi-talented mother for her help on Saturday(and all week). We set 17 poles while she was here and finished setting the rest of the poles in the ground today! (The weather has not been friendly… snow and rain)

These are just a couple pictures I took about half way through today. I’ll add a lengthier, more involved post later this week with all of the pictures. But I’ve been told that people would like to see some logs in the ground…… so here you are!

P.s. it has bothered me throughout this entire endeavor that poles and holes rhymes. Just drives me nuts, I don’t know why. Jake loves it… That is all.

This is just Mav, being adorable and needy, which is his default setting.

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