Grow Baby Grow!

Hello Everyone!

It’s a bit of a stormy night here in Knoxville, the perfect time for updating the blog.

There isn’t a whole lot of new stuff happening here at the farm yet. We’ve been having a lot of fun watching our hops grow though! The majority of our hops have at least emerged, with quite a few of them getting really big! When the hops reach a foot or two, we begin to train them on the coir strings. Train just being a fancy word for wrapping the bine around the string (clockwise). As the bines reach 4-5 feet we’ll begin stripping leaves off the bines. This helps create a less desireable enviroment for disease and pests.

We’re visiting a babydoll sheep farm next week (google babydoll southdown sheep, they’re stupid adorable), and hope to introduce a few onto our farm to help with weed control in the hopyard. They’re smaller than standard sheep, and consequently won’t compact the soil as much. Also, it can’t be overstated, they are VERY adorable.

A tree service came out this week and brought down some bigger trees along what will be our cattle fence. The next step is for a dozer to clean up some of the underbrush so that we have a clear, straight path to put fence up. After that it’s fencing for days!

Jake has been working really hard to get the garage organized and to get the remainder of his things unpacked. It’s definitely paid off, the garage looks awesome now!

We finally started our personal garden as well. We planted strawberries, cantaloupe, 2 types of tomato, turnips, radishes, carrots, spinach, kale, sweet potato, onion, jalapeno and cayenne peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower! I’m amazed at how quickly everything is growing! We also bought a tumbling composter for the house which has been working great!

So all in all, not much new to report. The hops are doing well, we’re doing well, and there is a LOT of fencing in our future

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